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October 17, 2017

The first world record in the mile for men (athletics) was recognized by the International Amateur Athletics Federation, now known as the International Association of Athletics Federations, in 1913. 4:20.89 Lyudmila Veselkova (URS) Bologna, ITA September 12, 1981 3:49.78 Eamonn Coghlan (IRL) East Rutherford, NJ USA February 27, 1983 Look Back--Kansas Milers. But Bannister ran his own race, paced himself, then shot into the lead with less than 90 yards remaining to win in 3:58.8 to Landy’s 3:59.6, the first time two runners topped four minutes in the same race. They even put tarps up to block the wind.". 3:53.7 Jim Ryun Los Angeles, CA June 4, 1966 [7]:vii; 69–70 Auto times to the hundredth of a second were accepted by the IAAF for events up to and including 10,000 m beginning in 1981. Walker convinced meet officials to change the scheduled 1,500-meter race to the mile, telling them he’d take a shot at the world record. 4:13.31 Genzebe Dibaba (ETH) Stockholm, SWE February 17, 2016 – third fastest track Mile for women ever, NOTE: [4:17.55] Mary Decker (USA) Houston, TX USA February 16, 1980 = oversized track (352 yards), USA: MEN 4:31.4* William Day Brooklyn, NY February 5, 1890 Ryun was the first high school runner to break four minutes, with a time of 3:59 in 1964. 4:21.4 Thomas Conneff New York, NY September 19, 1891 3:56.4 Jim Ryun (USA) San Diego, CA USA February 19, 1971 competition for allegedly accepting too much expense money from meet promoters. 3:49.68 Steve Scott Oslo, NOR July 11, 1981 3:55.4 Jim Grelle Vancouver, CAN June 15, 1965 team. 3:56.4 Tom O’Hara (USA) Chicago, IL USA March 6, 1964 Outdoor times for track races between 200 meters to 10,000 meters are set on 400-meter unbanked tracks. born in 1909 in Elkhart in southwest Kansas, was severely burned at age World Records for Men's Fastest Mile Times. This graph also displays the linear function: record = m * (year - 1860) + b. 4:27.6 Lon Myers New York, NY November 11, 1882 3:58.6 Jim Beatty (USA) New York, NY USA February 15, 1963 too hard. 4:07.4 Charles Fenske (USA) New York, NY USA February 3, 1940 He also broke He was timed in 3:43.0 through 1,500 meters. 3:58.0 Jim Beatty Modesto, CA May 28, 1960 (also his first sub-4) best effort came at the 1954 Kansas Relays, when 23,000 people turned 4:15.4 John Paul Jones Cambridge, MA May 27, 1911 3:56.3 Jim Beatty Helsinki, FIN August 21, 1962 3:56.4* Jim Ryun San Diego, CA February 19, 1971 [6], The IAAF started to recognize indoor world records in 1987, with the then world's best time, Coghlan's 3:49.78, ratified as the inaugural record for the mile. 3:54.1 Peter Snell (NZL) Auckland, NZL November 17, 1964 4-minute barrier but had few opportunities to run the open mile. The Great American Milers: Kansans Cunningham, Santee, Ryun FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. New Zealand’s John Walker took the record below 3:50 in August 1975 with a time of 3:49.4, fulfilling his promise to the organizers of the meet held in Goteborg, Sweden. It has never been an Olympic or World Championship event, yet the mile remains the only non-metric race distance for which the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) recognizes a world record. 4:38.5 Debbie Heald (USA) Richmond, VA USA March 17, 1972 4:14.6 Joseph Ray (USA) Chicago, IL USA April 12, 1919 was the greatest of the Kansas runners, Hayes believes. Ryun 's world and American records have been eclipsed, but he remains one of only three high school runners who broke 4 minutes -- the last one was Marty Liquori in 1967 -- and the only one ever to do so in high school competition. However, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) did not recognize women's records for the distance until 1967, when Anne Smith of the UK ran 4:37.0. Thirty-four 4:17.8 Thomas Conneff Cambridge, MA August 26, 1893 ", "Matthew Centrowitz beaten at Millrose Games; American records fall", "Courtney Okolo Breaks American 500m Record", "Ajee' Wilson breaks U.S. indoor 800 meters record at Millrose Games", "Karissa Schweizer Shatters the 3,000-Meter American Record in Boston", "Malcolm Richards (2:19:01) and Lindsey Scherf (2:40:55) Break Indoor Marathon World Records", "Jenn Suhr Sets Indoor Pole Vault World Record", "World leads for Rojas and Sidorova in Madrid", "Indoor round-up: world-leading marks from Crouser and Coleman in Albuquerque, Mihambo in Berlin and Holloway in Clemson", "World Indoor Throwing 2011 Complete Results", "Day-Monroe breaks American pentathlon record at US Indoors",, "Tefera breaks world U20 indoor 1500m record in Val de Reuil – indoor round-up",, "USA breaks 4x800m world indoor record, Korir runs 1:44.21 African indoor 800m record at Millrose Games", "Sydney McLaughlin Part of World Record DMR! 3:57.2 Derek Ibbotson (GBR) London, GBR July 19, 1957 4:14.4 John Paul Jones United States 1913 Cambridge, Mass. Some of the records are maintained by USA Track & Field (USATF). Ryun, Glenn Cunningham and Wes Santee all set world records, ran in the 4:09.2 Jules Ladoumègue (FRA) Paris, FRA October 4, 1931 Bannister ran lap times of 57.5, 60.7, 62.3, and 58.9 seconds. 4:28.2 Francie Larrieu Mainz, GER June 28, 1977 4:03.6 Jim Grelle Milwaukee, WI March 11, 1961 Those rounded-up marks were: Cunningham's 4:06.8 (timed at 4:06.7); Hägg's 4:06.2 (4:06.1); Hägg's 4:01.4 (4:01.3); Landy's 3:58.0 (3:57.9). executive director of the State of Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Santee worked in the insurance business, served 4:33.1 Francie Larrieu Eugene, OR June 8, 1974 What is the American 2 mile record progression for the past 40 years? 4:29.5 Lon Myers New York, NY May 31, 1880 h = hand timing The 1.93-second drop in the record was the largest margin since Ryun set his first record in 1966. Bring Back the Mile to celebrate the storied distance and to recognize the people who made and make the Mile great and to promote Mile events and the next generation of U.S. Milers. heavy rains. the country -- Hayes said. OFFICIAL IAAF (January 1, 1987) 11, 1999 He ran in 4:08.7 Bill Bonthron Princeton, NJ July 15, 1933 – second to Jack Lovelock (NZL) who set the WR (4:07.6) "When you're Chicago. TIME ATHLETE  LOCATION  DATE Indoor marks are established on 200-meter tracks, banked or unbanked. Landy shot in front by the end of the first lap, hoping to wear out the normally fast-finishing Bannister. No, the record doesn’t go back to the American Revolution. Long after the other non-metric distances have vanished from the world record books, those 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards (about 1.61 kilometers), continue to capture the imaginations of runners and fans alike as a premier middle distance event. He was the fourth and the last American to reign as the mile’s world record-holder. [1] Since 1976, the mile has been the only non-metric distance recognized by the IAAF for record purposes. He usually Some of the records are maintained by USA Track & Field (USATF). *also World Record, USA: WOMEN By The Associated Press. 4:01.4 Gunder Hägg (SWE) Malmö, SWE July 17, 1945 CA ??? says that's a disappointment to him. Return the Mile to prominence on the American & worldwide sports and cultural landscape by elevating and celebrating the Mile to create a movement. 4:13.4 Lloyd Hahn (USA) New York, NY USA February 14, 1925 he was paced by two other runners, broke the 4-minute barrier to beat He was paced through the first half-mile, with lap times of 55.8 and 59.3, then sped up on the final two laps, running the third quarter in 57.9 and the fourth in 56.4 seconds. Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj has held the world record for the mile of 3:43.13 since July 7, 1999. 3:51.1* Jim Ryun Bakersfield, CA June 23, 1967, last world and on U.S. soil (outdoor) A = affected by altitude 4:26.0 Andrew Walsh (USA) Brooklyn, NY USA November 30, 1895 He is now retired in Prescott, Ariz., and Eureka, Kan. High School Mile/2 mile Record Progression Mile Record Progression ?4:21.2? [4], Another variation of the amateur record progression pre-1862 is as follows:[5]. TIME ATHLETE  LOCATION  DATE 3:49.0 Sebastian Coe (GBR) Oslo, NOR July 17, 1979 "He believed he was One version starts with Richard Webster (GBR) who ran 4:36.5 in 1865, surpassed by Chinnery in 1868. far ahead of anybody else that's even mentioned before 1950," Hayes said. 4:04.9* Wes Santee East Lansing, MI February 15, 1954 Great Britain then enjoyed a stretch of 14 years in which three different British runners owned the mark. 4:04.9 Wes Santee (USA) East Lansing, MI USA February 15, 1954 3:48.40 Steve Ovett (GBR) Koblenz, GER August 26, 1981 – shortest time to hold Mile WR = 2 days 3:54.4 Peter Snell (NZL) Wanganui, NZL January 27, 1962 (also his first sub-4 and on a 386 yard grass track!) Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. in 1967 -- and the only one ever to do so in high school competition. 4:01.6 Arne Andersson (SWE) Malmö, SWE July 18, 1944 Check our encyclopedia for a gloss on thousands of topics from biographies to the table of elements. 4:03.8* Wes Santee Boston, MA January 29, 1955 lessons from the training and competition. "I absolutely 3:56.4* Tom O’Hara Chicago, IL March 6, 1964 Santee dominated 4:15.6 Thomas Conneff Travers Island, NY August 28, 1895 4:28.4* Ernest Hjertberg Boston, MA February 13, 1892 Click here to open a new window with a live graph showing the data from this table. History of the Record for the Mile Run—Under 4 Minutes, Top Ten Closest U.S. Presidential Elections, State Abbreviations and State Postal Codes, This List of Favorite Islands will Make You Remember Why You Loved Poptropica So Much. 4:19.8 Herbert Trube (USA) New York, NY USA February 13, 1909

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