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October 17, 2017

"[48] During the Boston show on April 29, 2011, frontman Greg Graffin said "after this year you probably won't be seeing much more of us. They are considered to be one of the best-selling punk rock acts of all time,[3] having sold over five million albums worldwide.[4]. In an April 2011 interview with The Washington Examiner, guitarist Brian Baker was asked if Bad Religion was going to make another album after The Dissent of Man. ", "Greg Graffin Wants to Provoke People to Think", "Bad Religion Planning a New Album for 2017", "DS Interview: Greg Graffin on his latest solo effort and new Bad Religion", "Summer Nationals 2014 Tour Announcement", "Avenged Sevenfold Recruits Ex Bad Religion Drummer Brooks Wackerman", "Jamie Miller es el nuevo baterista de Bad Religion – Shocked", "Brian Baker: "Jamie Miller es el nuevo baterista de Bad Religion" | Novedades | Rock, Xcore", "Brett Gurewitz on Instagram: "Today's office, "BAD RELIGION Takes Down Alt-Right Movement With New Single, 'The Kids Are Alt-Right, "Super Powers and Punk Rock: Brett Gurewitz Crosses Mediums to Spread Important Messages", "Bad Religion announce new album Age of Unreason and release new song 'Chaos From Within, "Bad Religion's Brian Baker Talks Guitar Horror Stories, Recalls Wild Jam With Santana When He Was 12", "Bad Religion revels in being 'the thinking man's punk band,' with new album 'Age of Unreason' and Agora date", "2021 - 40th + 1 Anniversary European Tour", "BAD RELIGION Releases New Track 'What Are We Standing For, "How Bad Religion transcended the ages of American punk rock", "Bad Religion Announce Canada/U.S. re-issue, though reclaiming the original title of the band's debut LP, contained all of the same material as the previously issued 80–85 compilation, including their first EP, the Public Service EP (with different versions of the songs Bad Religion, Slaves, and Drastic Actions than the self-titled EP) and the "Back To The Known" EP. with the same track listings. Baker had declined a spot with R.E.M. Home Tour Videos Music Book Store. brian has finished 14 basics ... a couple more to go. Albums Epitaph Records November … It consists of songs recorded during their House of Blues tour. My copy had a high level of noise throughout the entire album. [59], Bad Religion played a few shows as a four-piece (without Greg Hetson and Brett Gurewitz) in mid April–May 2013, starting with their appearance at "That Damn Show" in Mesa, AZ on April 20 and including some high profile shows such as Groezrock in Belgium, leading fans to speculate over Greg Hetson's continued involvement in the band. Bad Religion has been described as punk rock,[92] skate punk[92] and melodic hardcore. During one of the interview segments, guitarist Brett Gurewitz said the band's next album would be a double-length release, but this turned out not to be the case.[32]. 6 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart. [19] Almost all of the albums the band produced were sold out of the warehouse they were housed in without the band's knowledge, after which this album went out of print. haha ... working of album titles and ideas today. The band's success had slowly dwindled by the late 1990s, and after three more albums, they were dropped from Atlantic in 2001; this resulted in Bad Religion returning to Epitaph and Gurewitz rejoining the band. Their next album, The Empire Strikes First, was released in June 2004. "[98] In addition to their use of unusually sophisticated vocabulary for a punk band, Bad Religion is also known for their frequent use of vocal harmonies. The band has been touring to support the album through 2011.[47]. The album met high critical reception upon its release in September 1994, and was their most successful album at the time, scoring such hits as "Stranger Than Fiction", "Infected", and a re-recording of "21st Century (Digital Boy)", which was originally released on Against the Grain. [79] Speculation about the album resurfaced in April of that year when Gurewitz and guitarist Brian Baker posted pictures from the studio on their respective Instagram accounts. ", On March 24, 2012, Bad Religion headlined the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., sharing the stage with Eddie Izzard, Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin and James Randi.[122]. [68] In a September 2015 interview, however, frontman Greg Graffin stated that he had been working on his first solo album since 2006's Cold as the Clay, and that a new Bad Religion album would not be released until around late 2016. A freshly rehabilitated Gurewitz was eventually convinced to come back aboard, and with Pete Finestone returning on drums and Greg Hetson on second guitar; Bad Religion was back. "Our whole album is dedicated to getting Bush out of office. He also stated that Brett and Joe Barresi are going to produce it. Albums Epitaph Records August 30, 1994. But as you get a little older, or as I've gotten older, I've looked back on the symbol of Bad Religion as still having some meaning, but I wish it wasn't so offensive to other people, because other people could benefit from the ideas, I think, that we've laid down. 2020 is going to be a busy year for us, it's our 40th Anniversary year. Meanwhile, Bobby Schayer left the band following a serious shoulder injury and was replaced by Brooks Wackerman (Suicidal Tendencies). Hard driving, punchy, rockin. So we don't really worry about a new album cycle, those thing just sort of come when they come. [77][78], On February 14, 2018, vocalist Greg Graffin posted a picture of himself with guitarist Brett Gurewitz in the studio on Twitter, and tweeted, "New songs in the pipeline"; this post indicated that Bad Religion had been working on their seventeenth studio album.

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