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October 17, 2017

Stanley, Tippi and Ozzie captured by Waggstaff, Count Duckula, Igor and Nanny held prisoner. (in the 1990 film). Sam, Alex and Clover captured by Kandinsky. She is not as bright as she looks, but is usually brighter than Dudley. NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. Jessica getting kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. Cosmo the Seedrian is tricked and imprisoned along with Christopher Thorndyke by Dark Oak, who only wanted anyone who came to his base to be his prisoners. Jenny Foxworth held prisoner by Bill Sykes. Foray also voiced another memorable character on Rocky and Bullwinkle, Nell Fenwick. Rebecca (Newt) Jorden cocooned by Xenomorphs. Iris kidnapped by Praxina, Mephisto and Gramorr. "One look at his black hat and curled black moustache will tell you that Snidely Whiplash is an arch villain, which everyone knows is the most despicable kind of villain. Ms. Cinderella locked up in her bedroom by Lady Tremaine who forbids her to try on the Glass Slipper in order for her to marry Prince Charming. Gosalyn getting pulled into a dimension through Paddywhack's evil Jack-in-the-box. Minnie Mouse tied up by Donald Duck as the Mouse King. Rainbow Bride trapped in the bottle by Murky Dismal. She was often captured and tied to train tracks by the villain, Snidely Whiplash, and though she had a melodic voice, she could be stern. She played a villainous weasel and an aggressively amorous hyena. And in the cartoon version of Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” (1966) Ms. (in the 1990 film). However, on rare occasions she does show interest in Dudley, and in one episode actually tries to marry him, only to be kidnapped by Whiplash. Sora Takenouchi and Joe Kido at the mercy of Lord Bakemon. Krystal is caged in a crystal prison by Andross. Ms. Foray, among them Granny in the Looney Tunes cartoons that featured Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird, the grandmother in Disney’s Mulan (1998) and, maybe most memorably, Witch Hazel, a cackling sorceress who tangled with Bugs Bunny, who was voiced by Mel Blanc. Nell Fenwick is the female protagonist of the Dudley Do-Right series of shorts and the daughter of Canadian Chief Mountie Inspector Fenwick. Kevin being held prisoner by Charles Muntz. Snidely Whiplash is the archenemy of Dudley Do-Right in the Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties segments of the animated television series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (1959–64) conceived by American animator Jay Ward. Nell was the long-suffering, often-imperiled fiancée of the hapless Canadian mounted policeman Dudley Do-Right. Willie Scott is being lowered to the Lava by the Thuggee cult. Princess Angelica captured by the Dark Queen. Ralph, Mitzi and Von Rabie held prisoner by the fleas, Giggles and Petunia bound and gagged by Lifty and Shifty. Penelope Pitstop Kidnapped by The Hooded Claw. Dot trapped in a pit while she is stuck hanging from a branch about to fall to her death. Tessa Yeager gets captured along with Optimus Prime by Lockdown. Catwoman, Huntress and Black Canary tied up, while being lowered into a shark tank. April O'Neil held hostage by the Shredder, Angelica and Lil being held prisoner by Jean Claude. Princess Zelda gets captured by Ganondorf. Astoria Carlton-Ritz is being captured by nasty Decepticons. She's always happy to know she will be rescued by none other than her Marion Ravenwood bound and gagged by the Nazis. Images of the Nell Fenwick voice actors from the Rocky and Bullwinkle franchise. Apologies, Forgiveness and Reconcilements/Gallery, Roxanne Ritchi strapped to Metro Tower.jpg, Cinderella being locked in her bedroom.png, Anastasia hanging for her life on a broken bridge.jpg, Ducky snatched by Pterano and his goons.jpg, Snow White in danger of the Evil Queen's wrath. Heroism Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Aryll gets kidnapped by the Helmaroc King. Sandy at the mercy of the Flying Dutchman. Sam, Clover and Britney captured by Willard. Morgana Macawber tortured and crushed by Negaduck's torture device. Carol Anne Freeling being pulled into the closet. Ms. Cornflower is kidnapped by Cluny the Scourge, Warbeak at the mercy of Cluny's rat soldiers. Neptunia being tortured and fried by the lamp lights of Negaduck's torture chamber. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. June Foray in Hollywood in 2011, with figures of Tweety and Sylvester. The Flairies kidnapped by Jacqueline and Delphine. Cindy Lou-Who trapped in the sorting machine. Clara Stahlbaum attacked and almost killed by a furious Mouse King (who is also dying from a stab wound), but saves herself and makes the vicious rodent fall to his death. Alex being held hostage by Marco Lumiere. Morticia, Wednesday, and Grandmama Frump strapped to electric chairs by Debbie Jellinsky. Miao Yin kidnapped by Lo Pan and his thugs. Romy and Nori captured by Princess Malucia. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Captain Amelia captured by John Silver and his pirates. April O'Neil tied up by Baxter Stockman hanging over the mutagen tank. The Vancouver Coffee Barista about to drop Clover. Dudley Do-Right is a 1999 drama film, based on Jay Ward's Dudley Do-Right, produced by Amblin Entertainment, and released by Universal Pictures in August 27, 1999. The film stars Brendan Fraser as the cartoon's title character with supporting roles done by Sarah Jessica Parker, Alfred Molina, and Eric Idle. [1] The character was voiced by Hans Conried in the original cartoon series. Nell also has a bad habit of being captured by Snidely Whiplash and being tied to train tracks. He is Dudley's arch-nemesis and the most wanted criminal in Canada. It was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia and Santa Clarita, California. Sam, Alex and Clover captured by Dr. Inga Bittersweet and her henchwomen Toad, Cow, Pig and Sloth. Foray was probably most identified as two characters on “Rocky and His Friends” (later “The Bullwinkle Show”): Rocky the flying squirrel, protagonist and friend of Bullwinkle, the moose, and Natasha Fatale, a duplicitous spy and partner of Boris Badenov. Sam, Alex and Clover captured by Sunny Day. Tina Carlyle being captured by Dorian Tyrell. Dudley Do-Right, created by Alex Anderson with Chris Hayward and Allan Burns, is the main protagonist of "Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties", a segment on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show that parodied early 20th-century melodrama and silent film (the "northern"), using only a piano as a musical background. Melody In-D tied up as a hostage by Griselle and Gwen Grande, Camille, Jade, Slam, Angelica and Breeze captured, Penny Gadget held hostage by the quiz master, Marine the Raccoon is abducted by the Ghost Titan. Princess Cadence gets imprisoned in the caves beneath Canterlot. Jasmine imprisoned in a giant hourglass by Jafar as she’s at the risk of being buried alive. The Rescuers Down Under (1990 movie clip) Marahuté gets caught. Typhoid kissing Elektra in an attempt to murder her. Gosalyn Waddlemeyer snatched up by Taurus Bulba's pet condor, Tantalus, Gosalyn at the mercy of Quackerjack's evil Teddy henchmen. Foray. Sandy being held prisoner by Sir Trenton. Clover, Alex and Mandy captured by the Vancouver Coffee Barista. Eliza Thornberry bound and gagged after getting kidnapped by poachers. Jenny at the mercy of Nebbercracker's house. Filters: Trixie Tang is about to be eaten by a human-eating plant. Gabby, Carmen and Stella kidnapped by Mandy, Dominique and Caitlin. Maisie Lockwood about to be in the mercy of the Indoraptor. Wendy Darling kidnapped by Captain Hook in the 2003 film. Aurora under Maleficent's curse which was altered by Merryweather where she would sleep until awoken by her true love. Anastasia holding on for dear life on a broken bridge while at the mercy of Rasputin. Angel gets kidnapped by Schlepper Brothers in the club. Here are some of our favorites. Princess Fiona gets captured by Thelonius. She is not as bright as she looks, but is usually brighter than Dudley. An unammed woman hanging onto the bannister after Queen Ariana knocks her over, while Prince Antonio rescues her. Alex tied up by her mother Carmen, who's under a spell. Clover being sacrificed to an evil monster. Another witch, Mrs. Cauldron on “The Garfield Show,” led to an Emmy for Ms. Ingrid Yardstick kidnapped by Maggie Trendset's carpet. Wendy Darling lands into trouble and gets kidnapped by Captain Hook. Lin Yuan Guo kidnapped by the Dragon Emperor and his thugs. She is the love interest of main character Dudley Do-Right, but she is in love with Dudley's horse. Rocky and Bullwinkle meet Casper 3: Ming-Huaxing and Bei-Shanying Vs Kibosh, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Casper: Dimension War, TinkerBell held prisoner by Captain Hook. June Foray’s many voices were an indelible soundtrack for generations of eager cartoon watchers. Angie Islington held prisoner by a stranger. Gatomon being taken away by Myotismon, who intends to use her to lure out the 8th Chosen Child. Daphne Blake gets captured and tied up multiple times (Like for example, She gets tied up by two undead soldiers). A girl captured and being sacrificed by Sabrina Spellman. Margo, Edith, and Agnes got kidnapped when they realized it was Balthazar Bratt disguised as Lucy. Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai, and Rafael Esquivel have been captured by Decepticons. Sam, Alex and Clover captured by Helga Von Guggen. Elderly women were a staple for Ms. Cera gets ambushed and surrounded by a pack of domeheads. Nanny gagged after being kidnapped by the Phantom of the Opera, Meg, Derrick, Buck and Nurse Lazlo captured. Lillie is attacked by Nihilego as a child, which her fear of touching Pokemon began. Princess Leia at the mercy of Lord Darth Vader. Princess Vespa being held prisoner by Dark Helmet of the Spaceballs. Marta captured and being searched by Vanessa. Foray played Cindy-Lou Who, a towheaded child who catches the Grinch stealing her family’s Christmas tree and believes him when he says he’s just repairing a light. Matilda Wormwood captured by Agatha Trunchbull and locked in the Chokey.

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