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October 17, 2017

As part of the constitutional reforms Sulla carried out after his second civil war, he revoked the power of the tribunes to veto the senatus consulta (the written advice of the senate on bills, which was usually followed to the letter), and prohibited ex-tribunes from ever holding any other office. Pompey repelled him until the ships returned and set sail at night. Pompey showed goodwill towards Caesar, claiming that he had letters from Caesar in which he said he wanted to be relieved of his command, but Pompey opined that he should be allowed to stand for the consulship in absentia. [177], Pompey also gathered a fleet, estimated by Plutarch at 500 fighting ships with many more transports and other craft, but probably nearer 300 fighting ships. Tigranes accepted. Pompey sent agents and friends to various places and sailed to Sardinia, Sicily and the Roman province of Africa (the breadbaskets of the Roman empire) to collect grain. The younger Tigranes fled and at first wanted to go to Mithridates. According to Plutarch, Perpenna fled and left Sicily to Pompey. Lucullus was referring not merely to Pompey's new command against Mithridates, but also his claim to have finished the war against Spartacus. In both Plutarch and Cassius Dio Mithridates went to Colchis (on the southeastern shore of the Black Sea). The senate was suspicious of both men, but deemed Pompey to be less of a threat and hated Caesar because he had disregarded the senate when he was consul. He showed a talent for efficient organisation and fair administration in the conquered province. The consul Cornelius Lentulus advised them to leave the senate for their safety. Pompey wrote to the senate that Crassus had conquered the rebels in a pitched battle, but that he himself had extirpated the war entirely. Pompey, who had just successfully assisted the consul Catulus in putting down the rebellion of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, asked to be sent to reinforce Metellus. First publication of The Death of Pompey The Death of Pompey (La Mort de Pompée) is a tragedy by the French playwright Pierre Corneille on the death of Pompey the Great. [61], Cilicia had been a haven for pirates for a long time. According to Cassius Dio he "understood how to dance better than to transact any business". The two writers provided different accounts of Pompey's operations in the territories on the Caucasus Mountains and Colchis (on the southern shore of the Black Sea). The latter did not mention any action in Judea. [28] On his way to Hispania, he opened a new route through the Alps and subdued tribes that had rebelled in Gallia Narbonensis. Curio maintained that Caesar was a counterbalance to Pompey's power and that either Pompey should disarm first or both should do so simultaneously. Straberius, the commander of the garrison, abandoned the city. Roscius did not dare to speak, but suggested with a gesture that two commanders should be chosen. Learning of an ambush planned by Oroeses, Pompey defeated him at the Battle of the Abas, driving the enemy into a forest and setting it on fire. Pompey's troops attacked it and broke through. Curio maintained his stance that both men should lay down their command because they were suspicious of each other and there would not be peace. He built a fortified camp south of the city, so Caesar started to build a circumvallation to besiege it. Cato replied that he would do so in a private capacity. [63] He was to have dominion over the waters of the entire Mediterranean and up to fifty miles inland for three years. The next day Pompey heard the claims of father and son. Pompey did not contest Cato's view, which gave rise to suspicions about his real feelings towards Caesar.[159]. [24], Quintus Sertorius, the last survivor of the Cinna-Marian faction (Sulla's main opponents during the civil wars of 88-80 BC), waged an effective guerrilla war against the officials of the Sullan regime in Hispania. The consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus Celer opposed the bill very effectively. Caesar was not aware of this. The lack of friendliness on the boat prompted Pompey to tell Septimius that he was an old comrade. [164][165] In Plutarch's version Curio's demands were very popular. However, he was outnumbered, and Pompey sent a large cavalry force to outflank Caesar's troops. [92], Appian gave an explanation for the young Tigranes turning against his father. Cicero mentioned Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus (consul in 72 BC), Gaius Cassius Longinus Varus (73 BC), Gaius Scribonius Curio (76 BC) and Publius Servilius Vatia Isauricus (79 BC). [128] Pompey never gave an insight into his own personal fortune, but it must have been vast. Jews were not counted as citizens because of religion, and were probably deported or saw their property confiscated in revenge, with some probably becoming tenants of Hellenized landowners. "[126] His triumphs were for victories in Africa, Hispania and Asia. Some pirates were received by the half-deserted cities of Cilicia. Pompey was lucky because while he was encamped near Petra a messenger brought the news that Mithridates was dead. The native troops, especially the Lusitanians, who had given Sertorius the greatest support, were angry, too. He acquired a reputation for greed, political double-dealing, and military ruthlessness. Pompey demanded the cession of Corduene, which Phraates was disputing with Tigranes and sent Afrianius there, who occupied it unopposed and handed it to Tigranes before receiving a reply from Phraates. They all ran away, except for the consul Gaius Piso, who was arrested. Pompey greatly expanded the province of Cilicia along the coast (adding Pamphylia to its west) and inland. Pompey then set sail and stopped over only when he needed to get food or water. [44] Pompey remained in Hispania to quell the last disorders and settle affairs. It was first performed in 1642, with Julius Caesar played by Molière. By 100 BC, the Seleucid Empire was reduced to a few cities in western Syria. [100] Antiochus XIII Philadelphus (one of the last rulers of Syria) asked for them back to no avail. His troops, however, found out his plans, seized Domitius as he was trying to escape, and took him to Caesar who let Domitius go and even let him take his money with him. Aristobulus deposed Hyrcanus. Plutarch commented that Pompey "had scarcely grown a beard as yet". Potheinus the eunuch, who was the boy king's regent, held a council with Theodotus of Chios, the king's tutor, Achillas, the head of the army, and others. Some also claimed that his conquests were adding 85 million drachmas to the 30 million drachmas of the public revenues from taxes[122] and that he brought 20,000 drachmas in silver and gold. [83] In Appian's account when the deserters heard about the demand to hand them back, Mithridates swore that he would not make peace with the Romans and that he would not give them up. Cato warned Pompey about Caesar's manoeuvres to increase his power by using the money he made from the spoils of war to extend his patronage in Rome and urged him to counter Caesar.

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