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October 17, 2017

Thrilling and terrifying, The Things We Lost in the Fire takes the reader into a world of Argentine Gothic: of sharp-toothed children; of women racked by desire; of demons who lurk beneath the river; of stolen skulls and secrets half-buried under Argentina's terrible dictatorship; of men imprisoned in their marriages, whose only path out lies in the flames. I squeezed her wrist so hard that the lighter fell to the sidewalk. You have to know the neighborhood to learn these strategies. I wasn’t lying. Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? It steadied, though the light it gave off was yellowish, old, dim. I felt like shaking him, and right away I was ashamed. He’d been crying; you could tell from the clean streaks down his grimy face. Their parents change neighborhoods and take them along. There's a problem loading this menu right now. “But that’s how it was, what do you want me to say? After a while, I went up to the second floor and looked out from the balcony. She’d shit all over herself.”. Quite the opposite: they thought people were covering for someone. They get worse and worse. I told Lala about our encounter the night he’d rung my doorbell. “Get out of here or I’ll cut you, you fucking bitch!”. "The Intoxicated Years" was published in Granta. The body appeared a week after the dirty kid and his mother disappeared. You don’t even realize and they attack you.”, “There you go. She gives my hair a yank that seemed intentional, but then she apologizes. “Witch-narcos are everywhere,” said Sarita. I listened to her. When the ice cream was gone, the dirty kid got up from the bench we’d been sitting on and went walking toward the corner where he lived with his mother, practically ignoring me. The dirty kid was staring at the ground as if nothing were happening, as if he didn’t know us, not his mother or me. I went to bed with a book and a glass of water, but I couldn’t read or pay attention to the TV. Beyond amazing, I was hooked from the beginning and finished it in a day... Each story is so enthralling, will keep you thinking about them for WEEKS! Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories. Not a mother or a father or brothers or sisters or uncles or cousins or neighbors or acquaintances. They perform rites to ask for protection. And even so, something about his silence made me angry. After binging on Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy and everything Kelly Link has published to date, I’ve been starving for more Weird fiction. Silence first, in case any of the people involved in the crime deserved loyalty. Little by little, some of the neighborhood’s sounds were coming back: the drunk fighting, the music, the motorcycles with their rattling exhaust pipes— the local kids liked to loosen them so they’d make a lot of noise. I miss my subway stop. For the supplement “Fashion & Woman.” Why do I live in Constitución? Nothing. The dirty kid had been left alone while his mother delivered and then . It’s a message for someone.”. At night you didn’t hear fighting anymore, and the dealers had moved a few blocks south. | ISBN 9780451495136 The police, as usual, didn’t say anything in front of the cameras, but they supplied constant information to the press. Real high class, this one.”. She mixed it with Coca- Cola and stirred it with a finger. Constitución isn’t easy, and it’s beautiful: all those once-luxurious chambers, like abandoned temples now occupied by unbelievers, who don’t even know that inside those walls hymns to old gods once rang out. Maybe I did need to move. Now no one was flip- ping through magazines or painting their nails or sending text messages while they waited their turn in Lala’s chair. Please try again. There was the plaster saint, with his blue shirt and the red bandanna around his neck—a red headband, too—and a cross on his back, also red. The street was very dark; the electricity had gone out, as often happened on very hot nights. I didn’t order anything. I was drunk, but I was also sure that the dirty kid was now the decapitated kid. Originally published in Spanish, it was translated into English by Megan McDowell in 2017.

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