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October 17, 2017

Bank Street or Alexandria North was the parent while the other two, Bonhill North and Bridge Street being, with Alexandria Parish, more in the way of aunts and uncles. function OnLoad() { Many people suffering from low mood and depression feel particularly bad in the evenings; as a result the helpline is open from 6pm to 2am Monday to Thursday and 24 hours at the weekend (6pm on Friday to Monday 6am). There was also a real issue of status and accountability involved in this because the new quoad sacra parish of Alexandria and its newly-appointed minister were full members of Dumbarton Presbytery and participated in its formulation of church policy. About 1993, the Church Halls in Church Street were demolished, which was a sign of things to come, and sure enough in 1994 the last remaining Church of Scotland congregation in Alexandria merged with the congregation of Alexandria North Church, to form a congregation which was called St Andrews Parish Church, Alexandria. Church started (bottom right), the UP Church to which they moved (bottom middle) and In the 1970s and early 1980s Westclox in Scotland was booming. When the Church was being demolished in 1968, the time capsule was retrieved and later sealed into the new church at Balloch. Scottish Greens aiming for record number of MSPs at 2021 Holyrood election. It was still there in the 1950’s, but by May 1961 the ground on which it had stood is described as an “Unoccupied site” on the Valuation Roll’s section on churches, so it had been demolished by then. It’s maybe been a wee bit flat with all the uncertainty around when we would actually be able to start playing games. The building lay empty while would-be developers put many designs and schemes to planners and conservation officials, attempting to meet their demands. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. closed wednesday. The partnership is now in its sixth year. Mount Zion in 1961, the square building to-wards the bottom of the photo, with an Their Scottish factory was a full manufacturing plant, at which all their clocks were assembled from start to finish with only the basic raw materials being brought in by outside suppliers. Both are prominent red sandstone buildings which are both still fit for original purpose. Most gave up in disgust. Graham Lappin writes “I believe that this group had its origins with the Vale of Leven Working Man’s Association formed after the 1832 Reform Act when the newly enfranchised clergy and middle class refused to support the extension of suffrage to the working man. Alexandria Old Parish Church’s last minister as a single charge was Rev Colin Munro, who served for 35 years from 1933 – 58. The last service was conducted by Rev Andrew Scobie in March 1987 and then it closed for good. From that date forward Rev McFarlane was minister of these two quite separate congregations, worshipping in their two separate churches on a Sunday morning (10.30 in Bonhill, noon in Alexandria) with a joint evening service. At the time and for 40 years after, it was the only burial ground in Alexandria. The service receives over 8,500 calls each month from people feeling distressed and who do not know where to turn. The single photograph from the original which we have been able to use is of the elders with Dr MacGregor in 1934. However, it was not inevitable that the Church would have to be demolished. Cops were called to Glasgow's M8 to drain flood water and ScotRail have cancelled a series of train services due to flooding. Its service of dedication was held on Wednesday 9th June 1909, and the last service in the old church was held on the following Sunday, 6th June 1909. Not surprisingly, everyone called it the “Wee Tin Kirk or Church”. The main reason for the drawing together of these congregations at different times over a 30 year period was, of course, the decline in numbers in the various congregations, and the main reason for that were the changing habits in society. The hospital provides a range of services including inpatient beds, general medicine, women’s health, orthopaedics, maternity services and … Because of his diplomatic status, “Wee Hoffie” as he was affectionately known, flew the Swiss flag from a flag pole in the front garden. In 1842 they decided to build the first church of their own, which they promptly did on the site of what was later to become the YMCA Hall and it opened in 1843. At one point some of the Chartist Clergy applied for recognition of their credentials by the Secession Church and despite the advocacy of Andrew Somerville, then Minister in Dumbarton, were turned down.”. Westclox Scotland was a branch factory of clock manufacturer Westclox, situated in the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate in Dumbarton, Scotland. The area consists of a number of communities which were historically separate villages but have expanded into one conurbation. The new congregations who departed were quick to re-house themselves in new church buildings. This page will focus on the churches and schools in the Vale of Leven. In March 2000, 3 years after it stopped being a church, final closure of a sort was obtained: the building was burned down. Also after the war, it had the distinction of having a German refugee as its minister for a time. Bonhill Parish Church has in some form or another existed close to where it still is for probably 700 years or more. There was now only one Church of Scotland Church in Alexandria, although that situation was only to continue for another 7 years. It is square, unadorned, totally functional, and unlike the Bridge Street Church buildings which preceded and succeeded it, it is still standing and very much in use, as the Baptist Church. Edinburgh Newhaven harbour rescue operation as emergency services race to scene, A 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy have sparked the massive operation involving police, ambulance and fire crews, Vile neo-Nazi group spread sick campaign of hate to Scotland's highest peak. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. The area had exceptionally high levels of unemployment in the 1920s and 1930s, which gave it a radical reputation, with Communism and Socialism being popular political philosophies in particular. This was the first baptism which had taken place in that place of worship.”. He was horrified it would be used for political agitation and the resulting antagonism eventually led to a split, with the departing members setting up a separate congregation in Bridge Street, of which more below.

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