Khóa cửa điện tử cao cấp dùng cho khách sạn BK-H2330
October 17, 2017

2. Steps: Change ). So let’s start at the beginning. And since I’m fond of throwing a bunch of stuff in one pot and seeing what develops, I got a really yummy soup that is perfect for this cold and rainy weather. This dish alone is worth the trip (because I can’t make it home at the moment, not because it’s legendarily good). Vegetarian. The server must have heard me describe that and had the kitchen leave it off this time so it was actually pretty good this time. Season. Cabbage, beef, beets, potato, carrots in meat broth. I’ve never made this before. I interpreted that as “use whatever you want” and I used freshly ground back pepper and cumin. 1. Add water (depending on how much you use, but start with 5 cups) and let boil for about 20 minutes. Take a look at the picture at the bottom of this post. spices: salt, black pepper, coriander, cumin (to taste) The onion is the authentic part of how it’s typically served. 1. 4-5 cups of stock [I used chicken stock but beef stock works absolutely great] Ingredients: 60 ml of olive oil or vegetable oil Small beef filled dumplings in beef broth with green herbs. And finally, what I always crave. It had rice, lamb, carrots and other stuff I forgot about. Its summer in Uzbekistan, weather is so pleasant, days are so hot and I am enjoying ... Norin (Small noodles with horse meat sausages), Buhorocha bahsh palov (Pilaf with greens), Achichiq chuchuk(salad with tomatoes and cucumber), Qaynatma shorva - Soup with meat and vegetables. Mastava Soup. Just try it…Very yummy. Beef, chick peas, vegetables and rice in delicious beef broth. This is one of my favorite soups and it’s very easy to make. Not quite, but nearly. It was pretty good, but not how I remember, but then again, it’s been more than 20 years since I’ve had an authentic samsa. And huge… The dough was a tad thick, but barely noticeable, and the meat was all good. 3. I tried a few times in an enameled cast iron pot, but everything sticks, so there’s burned rice on the bottom affecting the taste of everything else. This one is our favorite and preferred recipe for cold winters. 1/2 cup of brown rice (optional) About a half hour before the soup is done, add the potatoes which have been cut into bite size pieces. 1 large onion Love the flecks of cilantro garnishing most dishes. Add brown rice, if using and carrots. Also, notice that they’re served with sour cream and vinegar (the bottle behind the dish). As a matter of fact, I actually have two. 4. But it was still edible. Cut meat in small pieces. The first time I was at this restaurant I also tried samsa. I add the salt, freshly ground black pepper, cumin, and corriander between each step. I’ll do another post on it soon. Note: if you’re familiar with Indian cuisine, some things might look/taste familiar (like the use of lamb, rice, and spices). Uzbek traditional soup. Add water (depending on how much you use, but start with 5 cups) and let boil for about 20 minutes. 1 can of tomatoes (the recipe actually calls for 3 tomatoes, but I didn’t have any and improvised; this gave the soup a much darker and redder look than is typical, I think) Mastava is a thick, hearty soup of rice, meat, potatoes, and other vegetables, served with a dollop of sour cream. It was like rubber; a workout for our knives and teeth. Veggies in Shurpa. See in the picture how dry it was? I can’t say that about many places, but not many places claim to have Uzbek food. Ingredients: But I just happened to have two carrots and 3 potatoes, the exact quantities the recipe is calling for. Add tomatoes and cook for a few minutes. It is useful, refreshing, helps to avoid intoxication, digestion problems, diarrhea and ... Today I am posting the recipe for my "Pahlava" or "baklava". But I was lazy and didn’t. It stores well and tastes even better the next day. I hope, one of these days we’ll have spring. I love it when a plan comes together. 2 medium-large carrots, cut up in bite-sized quarter-moons (the recipe says to cube it, but I’m just not into all that chopping at 8PM) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ... Hi everyone!!! I tried a few times in an enameled cast iron pot, but everything sticks, so there’s burned rice on the bottom affecting the taste of everything else. It’s not clear enough in directions; it refers to “spices” but doesn’t define what it means. 3 small-medium potatoes (cut the same size as the carrots) Spices (salt, freshly ground black pepper, cumin, corriander, paprika, Pensey’s Chile Con Carne, Pensey’s Sweet Curry). Steps: Finely today I am posting you the recipe of "Sumalak":) This dish is always cooked for "Navruz" - our national holiday,... Chuchvara is well known dish all around the world. Dad liked it. 6. Winter is the perfect time for making "Norin", ... Honim is cooked in everywhere in Uzbekistan. As a matter of fact, I actually have two. This sucker was the size of my head! In Uzbekistan, there are so many ways to cook "Kabob"s! These portions are very filling. This recipe turned out very close to how I remember my grandmother’s Lagman.

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